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           91 Photo Albums

62 Pictures

Race Weekend Joliet 9-14-2012

Downtown Joliet was the scene for the RaceWeekend at the track. Drivers and cars along with hot rods filled the downtown street.

42 Pictures

Cozzi 9-11-2012

Nice weather and the cruisers were out. Photos available for $14 for an 8 x 12 call 708-937-9125 Jeff

37 Pictures

Westchester 9-10-2012

A beautiful night for a cruise with lots of cars and Elvis.A special thanks to Pau, owner of Paul's Beef, for sponsoring this cruise night all these years. There is always a DJ or a band and a jumping balloon for the kids. There's something for everybody here. Like a photo? $14 for an 8 x 12 Call 708-937-9125. Or jborowiak@mac.com Thanks Jeff

131 Pictures

Route 66 9-8-2012

From Ridgeland to Oak Park Ave. on Ogden ave. 500 cars participated in this grand event. Photos available for $15 8 x 12. 708-937-9125. Jeff

41 Pictures

Cozzi 9-4-2012

Nice night for cruisin. Next week a great 60's 70's band. Be sure to come out and enjoy. Photos avaiable for $14 8 x 12. Metal print also avaiable. Cost varies. Jborowiak@mac.com or 708-937-9125

62 Pictures

Cozzi Corner 8-28-2012

Lots of nice cars, people and weather for this Tuesday night Cruise. Check out the Pantera. I saw them in mags. but never in person. Also a 1957 Ohio Police Car. Yes the lights and siren works. One never knows what will show up at a cruise. Photos available. 8x12 for $14. Metal prints available prices very. 708=937-9125 or jborowiak@mac.com

70 Pictures

Westchester 8-27-2012

Nice night for a Cruise and lots of different cars came out. If you would like a photo they are available. $14 for an 8 x 12. Metal photos are available also Price very. Call 708-937-9125 or jborowiak@mac.com

142 Pictures

Geneva Il. Concourse d'Elegance

The worst drought ever and it rains on 8-26-2012. But owners and there autos came for this grand event. Spectators came with umbrellas. Check out the Excalibor. It's not what you think. There was a Benz SLS. The owner and his son came for the nonjudged Car Show that is next to the Concourse Take a look at the photos and make plans for next year to come out.

92 Pictures

Voodoo Cruise Night 8-18-2012

First time in Itasca for the Voodoo Kings Cruise Night. What a night. Great cars and nice people to talk to. When I think of the Voodoo Kings club I think of tunes like the 50's rock and America. That is what the DJ played. Any DJ playing Hank 3 is ok in my book. Take a look at the 1974 Z24 Camero. This is a rebuilt street legal NASCAR motor. It is up for sale. Also the 1977 Monti Carlo i for sale. Good time talking to both owners.There is a car tonight called a Graham. I ever heard or seen one before. Just goes to show you never know what you're going to see at a cruise night.

34 Pictures

Forest Park 8-14-2012

First time at this cruise night. The turn out was low. But the people there are a nice bunch. Photos available for $14 for an 8 x 12 708-937-9125

100 Pictures

Tilted Kilt 8-5-2012

Weather couldn't have been better for this quality run show. The trophies are a tribute to our Veterans and Currently serving Men and Women of our Armed Forces. Photos are available an 8 x 12 for $14. Contact me at 708-937-9125 or jborowiak@mac.com Jeff

14 Pictures

Westmont 8-2-2012

A few cars braved the hot weather. The electric scale cars were cool. Check them out.

94 Pictures

Brookfield Car Show 7-22-2012

A few spinkles can't keep the Hot Rodders away. A good turn out for a nicely run show. Photos are available for $15 for an 8 x 12 Contact Jeff at 708- 937-9125 or jborowiak@mac.com

103 Pictures

40th Annual Pontiac Convention 7-21-2012

What a show. Outstanding cars. Even a Banchee Was shown. Photos are available. an 8 x 12 for $15 Contact me 706-937-9125 or jborowiak@mac.com

99 Pictures

Lemont 7-11-2012

A lot of nice cars in Lemont wed. A 8 x 12 photo is available for $12 Contact Jeff at 708-937-9125 or jborowiak@mac.com

41 Pictures

Westchester 7-9-2012

A beautiful summer evening for a cruise night. An 8 x 12 photo is available for $14. Contact me at jborowiak@mac.com

51 Pictures

Auto Museum Las Vegas

If your ever in Las Vegas go to the Imperial Palace Auto Collection. This collection has some of the rarest autos in the world.

50 Pictures

Lyons Car Show

Great turn out for this Father's Day Tradition. A photo can be purchased from this album or any of my albums. 8 x 12 for $12.

45 Pictures

Riverside Cruise Night 6-14-2012

What a night. First cruise night of 2012. Nice weather and a whole lot of cool cars. The cruise nights are held 7-7 and 8-9 this year. A great car show will be held 9-30. Mark your calenders for this one.It's big. Any of my album's photos can be bought. An 8 x 12 photo cost $12.

30 Pictures


Nice night for a cruise.

           91 Rod Photo Albums

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