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I used to be quite a motor head ...in fact actually had 7 differant restored and running Mopar Muscle cars during the mid and late 80's...but kids came ,..bills mounted and having my dream cars wasnt practical anymore. I sold my final project car, a 1974 Plymouth Duster 340 to a young Navy guy from near bye Cecil Field jet base in October 1990. SHe was a special car..a once ina lifetime find. I was sitting at the dinner table reading the paper as I ate a pork chop dinner after my shift as a ground support mechanic at NAS Jax Fla., whe hen I camme across an ad selling a 74 340 duster . The ad was very vague, it merely stated must sell older Plymouth after husbands passing . I envisioned a 56 or 58 sedan...probably rusting in a yard somewhere. What I found after calling her , was a perfectly new like garage kept 1974 Duster ..showroom new like with ORIGINAL 33,000 miles on it. She said she merely wanted the money back she had spent putting brand new stock tires on for her husbands Birthday the previous year. The final cost to me she said would be the cost of those 4 tires !! I wrote her a check for 677.00 . Two years $2600.00 later she was a screaming , sleek, metal flaked baja bronze painted HOT ROD ..I sold her for 8 thousand dollars . That was in 1992 and was also the last of my mopars for 18 years. Last year after my last of 5 kids left the nest, at 51, I quit my long term DOD job and purchased 10 various late 60's early 70's Mopar classics.Im back in business...not for a living..but to keep these on the roads...and to keep one under my rear at all times. Currently , my projects are two 1968 Charger RTs ...one of which I just picked up at a local body and paint shop after a gorgeous pearl black gloss paint job. She sits awaiting interior work this winter ..alongside her sister a matching 68 R and my baby a 1971 Dodge Charger SE 440 former Mopar Power Tour Car circa 2001. She is unfortunately now for sale as funds are needed to finish twin RT project, a 1970 Dodge Superbee and several Roadrunners in waiting

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